Who We Are

The Orthodontist was created by a group of people who have seen, first-hand, what happens when kids and adults are treated by the wrong doctor. We were amazed to learn most consumers are unaware that, in dentistry, your primary care dentist is legally permitted to provide any dental procedure, including orthodontics – and even surgery, with no more training than what they received in their general dental program.

Orthodontists commit to at least two additional years of focused education and residency to become proficient in the complicated business of aligning teeth and jaws. Then, they spend all day, everyday, perfecting their skills. Primary care dentists can become “certified” by attending just a weekend course. There’s a big difference, and as many unwitting consumers have learned, the experience of the doctor can make or break the experience of the patient.


We are here to give people the information and the resources they need in order to make an informed decision about how to choose a qualified doctor when it’s time to explore orthodontic treatment for themselves, or any member of their family.

We have three simple goals

  1. To educate the public about the difference between primary care dentists and orthodontic specialists
  2. To share real-life patient stories so we can learn from those who have gone before us
  3. To connect people that are ready to explore orthodontic treatment with licensed specialists who have been carefully vetted

Why It Matters

While most primary care dentists understand the value of sending patients to a qualified specialist, many see orthodontics as an easy way to grow their bottom line. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, orthodontics is now the number one growth area in general dentistry. Unfortunately, the laws governing what has to be disclosed to the public vary state to state and leave many consumers believing their dentist is actually an orthodontist.

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